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MBBS Study in North & Central America :

Studying medicine in America has been a long cherished dream for many students who thinks about a medicine despite for many students wish to become doctors, most dont follow through with their planes due to prohibitive costs and the limited number of slots available in America Medical Schools.
Here we propose you a good option to study US Mbbs at an affordable fee. AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL UNIERSITY (AIM-U) is an institute partner of Washington medical science institute and Government of saint Lucia. AIM- Us US campus / clinical admin is centrally located at the Washington Adventist University and Hospital Campus, Takoma Park, Maryland, USA.
AIMU offers prerequisites and support programs at the above mentioned campus. AIMU is one of the new generation medical schools, which offers residency focused on USMLE centred programs and a 4 year accelerated MD program with high standards.


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